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We use an evidence-based approach to help you, your team, and your organization successfully navigate change. 

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Learn how to shift your MINDset to enable higher performance and greater satisfaction in your personal and professional life.


Hear Vered Kogan speak about how your inner world of thoughts and emotions shapes your behavior and results.

At the Momentum Institute, we specialize in giving you and your team the tools and support to master your mindset and unleash the potential of your organization. 


Thrive Through Change

Change is happening in your organization. Yet, managing change can be a difficult process– like pushing a large rock up a steep hill. All too often, change efforts start off with a big bang, and quickly lose momentum due to change resistance, elevated stress, and leadership challenges. This can lead to failed project results, extended project timelines, additional costs, or low adoption and usage.

Momentum is Key. Building and sustaining momentum is fundamental to getting your change initiatives to stick until the benefits are fully realized. And creating upward momentum starts with you.

At the Momentum Institute, we are committed to helping you and your team effectively navigate rapid change with confidence and ease. Our world-class training and coaching programs utilize a proven, evidence-based methodology to drive change initiatives.  

Our Solutions

Our award-winning onsite and virtual training and coaching programs help you and your team master the three key drivers of sustainable behavioral change: Mindset (empowering our thoughts), Resilience (elevating our emotions), and High Performance (deliberately taking consistent and aligned actions). These foundational drivers are proven to facilitate Increased employee engagement, greater collaboration, higher creativity and productivity, and ultimately — improved business results.

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What Clients are Saying

"It was the most impactful coaching and mindset training I have been done over my 26+ year career. The application value of the services is immediate, evoking positive personal and professional growth, stronger relationships, and sheer joy."

- Kevin T.

"She was able to dive in deep with our team and work on the important, but often neglected, human side of connection with ourselves and our colleagues to build coherence in our lives and dissolve the limiting beliefs that hold us all back."

- Michael S.

"Ever-so often we come across someone or something that inspires us. There are many great coaches and numerous programs for accelerating our growth, but Vered’s combination of knowledge, insight and humanity outdistances the others."

- Jim P.

"Vered came to speak to our group of C-level executive women and her presentation was phenomenal. Her message is impactful, inspiring, and insightful. I highly recommend her to any group!"

- Laura Salerno Owens

"Vered's grasp of the concept of Change Management is extensive AND she presented research based PRACTICAL tools for our managers to use! Very well done. I only wish I had run across Vered 30 years ago!"

- Ed Burke

"We were fortunate to have Vered speak at our recent retreat. Everyone came away with a greater awareness of our adaptive coping mechanisms. I know we are all better off for the insights that Vered shared with us. I highly recommend Vered."

- Tom Morgan

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