Ready to Take Charge of Your Life?

Making business and personal decisions can be overwhelming, stressful, and frightening.

Imagine having a trusted partner to guide you through the challenges and opportunities so you can thrive and experience even more ease, joy, and fun. 

You know that creating the life you desire is an inner job first and foremost. Having all the right strategies and tactics is important, but it will not be enough if your beliefs are not aligned with what you want to achieve. This is because we all exhibit biases that unconsciously affect our decisions and create comfort zones that limit our growth. Such inner conflicts drain your energy and undermine your success, often without you even knowing it.

Our coaching programs focus on eliminating psychological blind spots and boosting your performance levels by enhancing self-awareness, self-compassion, emotional intelligence, your capacity to influence others, and the ability to access your heart's intuitive guidance. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I where I want to be in my career or business?
  • Am I enjoying life like I’ve always dreamed of?
  • Are my relationships as meaningful as I’d like them to be?
  • Am I content with the physical state of my body?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the above questions, we can help you achieve the results that you want. 

Our Coaching Programs

We offer a variety of one-on-one and team coaching programs, tailored to meet your unique needs. 

Resilience Coaching

Our Resilience Coaching program is based on more than 20 years of HeartMath’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience and provides a powerful skillset and engaging technology to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity.

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Breakthrough Coaching

Our Breakthrough Coaching program is designed to create rapid transformational results in a particular area of your life. We use a variety of proven techniques to help you release stuck emotions and break through previously held limitations to achieve your highest potential.

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High-Performance Coaching

Our High-Performance Coaching program is
is designed for  leaders and high achievers seeking to create extraordinary results. It is a thought-provoking and proven process that inspires you to achieve higher levels of success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching program is designed for individuals who are considering taking their career in a new direction and wish to explore possibilities.   You will get to debrief valuable career assessments and follow a proven process to find a path that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

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Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching programs are designed to help leadership teams achieve even better results. Participants will explore skillsets for building team coherence, leading to increased connectedness, greater team harmony and enhanced intuition for solving problems and making decisions.

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EQ Assessment & Debrief

The objective of the WE-Q Profile and Debrief program is to generate awareness that allows you to make more intentional choices over how you relate with others. It provides insights into yourself and empowers you to create new neural pathways that can lead to better, more fruitful relationships.

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Matthew Schoen

"I have had the good fortune to work with a number of talented, insightful and committed coaches over several decades. None have been more impactful than Vered. Not only does she have deep expertise in a dizzying range of domains, but she has the rare ability to engender the trust needed to get the difficult work done. She does so by her exceptional capacity to listen and an abundant and clearly apparent empathy, caring and compassion. Although our work together recently concluded, and really didn't last that long, I'm still experiencing insights and benefits on a daily basis."


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