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We deliver keynote presentations that inspire professionals in all industries and functional areas to navigate change and reach their full potential. As a seasoned speaker and workshop leader, Vered Kogan engages the audience in her presentations, making them feel comfortable and energized. She draws on her expertise as a high-performance coach and change management expert as the basis for her transformational programs. We will work with you to create a keynote presentation or workshop uniquely suited to your audience and business objectives.


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Master Your Mindset to Transform Your Life


In this captivating keynote presentation, audiences get to learn  strategies and tools to help them leverage the incredible power of their subconscious mind to create lasting transformational change. Based on the metaphor of a "game", this presentation allows audiences to integrate complex concepts with ease, and offers evidence-based simple techniques that they can apply right away to soften the inner resistance to change. 



How to Create Certainty in Uncertain Times


What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? In this keynote presentation and training program, audiences learn how to identify and anticipate patterns so that they can respond to change in a more resilient and empowered way. Based on proven change management best practices, participants get to understand how to adapt better to change, create an inner sense of certainty, and inspire others during times of chaos and unexpected disruption.


How to Navigate Polarities for Inner Peace  


At times, we have all experienced an inner battle, where a part of us wants something and another part sabotages those efforts. When we have internal polarization, we are at war with ourselves. In this keynote presentation and training program, you will learn the role of the heart and mind—including qualities such as compassion and curiosity—in softening the extreme edges of polarities for greater wisdom and inner peace. 

Sheila Coulam

"As our keynote presenter, Vered took the time to understand our audience and invested much energy into preparing just the right message for them. The resulting talk was incredibly inspiring, encouraging and powerful. In all areas, Vered displayed the utmost professionalism and poise. I so highly recommend her as a speaker!"

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