What We Do

During periods of change, one of the top employee reactions is to disengage. People experience elevated stress, change resistance, and leadership challenges. Our coaching and training programs offer strategies and tools to guide individuals through changes like a new system, an office move, or an acquisition.

Elevated Stress


Operating at a peak (coherent) state is key for transformational change. Stress leads to burnout, higher turnover, absenteeism, poor collaboration, errors and healthcare claims, poor performance, and ultimately impacts your organization’s bottom line. Our Resilience Advantage® and Activating the Heart of Teams® coaching and training programs offer simple, practical, evidence-based tools based on evidence-based research.  

Change Resistance


Resistance to change is a natural human response due to the fear of uncertainty. It can lead to mistrust, conflicts, lower engagement, and decreased productivity. Drive change success by preparing, equipping and supporting individuals through change. Our award-winning workshops and coaching programs address the underlying limiting mindsets by altering neuropathways in the brain which enables a new way of thinking.

Leadership Challenges


The desire to maximize potential and performance is one of the greatest motivators of the human spirit. Yet leaders are often not trained on how to perform at high levels or effectively lead their teams through times of change. Our High-Performance Coaching program is a science-backed, heart-centered system to help you and your teams consistently perform beyond standard norms.

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Our Values

Our core values guide every aspect of our business. We believe they are a vital contributor to our company’s effectiveness and our clients’ success. At every level, we are committed to:

  • Excellence: Deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service in everything we do.
  • Integrity: Be self-aware, accountable, and responsible.
  • Teamwork: Work together to create the best programs and outcomes for our clients. 
  • Compassion: Treat clients with sensitivity and empathy.

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