Activating the Heart of Teams®

In the Activating the Heart of Teams® program, developed by the Institute of HeartMath®, participants explore skillsets for building team coherence specially designed to help them increase connectedness, achieve greater team harmony and enhance their intuition for approaches to solving problems and making decisions. 



Learn new scientifically validated skillsets, techniques and practices to operationalize, elevate and sustain individual and team coherence. Enhance team harmony, collaboration, vitality and synergy.



  • For teams of 8-15 in size.
  • A Team Coherence Assessment is conducted pre/post training to measure program impact and outcomes.
  • Delivered over 8 hours as a multi-day workshop or weekly training and coaching program according to needs.  
  • Interactive and participative in style.
  • Facilitated live or virtually.
  • As part of the program, participants will receive the Inner Balance™ award-winning technology. This is a sensor that teach you how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback, based on your own heart rhythms.



  • Moving from Discord to Harmony: Coherence is Key
  • Accessing Collective Intelligence
  • Relational Energetics: Lifting Team Energy
  • Raising Personal Vibration for Team Effectiveness
  • The Power of Positive Energy and Attitudes
  • Creating Flow in Non-flowing Situations
  • The Art of Coherent Communication
  • Activating the Team’s Heart Qualities and Values


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The Benefits  

Today’s studies overwhelmingly show that successful companies make employee engagement central to their business strategy. An outstanding 75% of employers indicated that their companies offered some type of a wellness program, resource or service to employees. Likewise, 87% of people have responded that a wellness program is factor when considering a potential new employer. This means that a strong, holistic wellness program attracts talent in addition to creating and retaining engaged employees and a positive culture.

We work with organizations to create resilient and empowered leaders from within.

  • Create an inclusive environment
  • Align teams with organizational goals
  • Increase retention - reduce absenteeism
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Enhance interpersonal relations
  • Reduce healthcare claims costs


Team EQ Program

The Team WE-Q Profile and Debrief program reveals both the obstacles and gifts in your team’s collective internal experience under stress which, when understood and leveraged, can lead to breakthrough results.

This practical, data-rich, developmental tool is unlike any other on the market. It reveals a team's innate response to stress and how it impacts their behavior and performance. We will explore the patterns and narratives that are being revealed and how to create new behaviors that lead to better team performance.


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