Success Stories

I was first introduced to Vered through Vistage. While the event was virtual and addressed to my entire group, I felt as if she were speaking directly to me, filled with empathy and compassion. I first graduated from the Breakthrough Coaching Program, an intense but eye-opening experience. Then we focused on 1:1 executive coaching, where I was able to shift many self-limiting beliefs, resulting in a significant drop in anxiety, allowing me to focus on my desired future. I will be forever grateful for her patient guidance and support, and the many tools that she's taught me. The world is a better place with you in it, Vered!

- Stephanie Gebhardt

I have been working with Vered for almost a year and wish I had met her many, many years ago. She has a terrific understanding of how individuals interact and how the world “works”. She has helped me understand what is truly important to and for me as an individual, and how to know if I’m getting and receiving what I need to thrive. She is a terrific person on top of all that which makes my time with her even that much more enjoyable and insightful. The results of working with Vered have been very noticeable to me and anyone around me.

I would recommend Vered to quite literally anyone.

- Chuck Brown

My work with Vered was the most impactful coaching and mindset training I have been done over my 26+ year career. Vered has a warmth and ease in which she guides you and helps you discover your own executive and personal story and journey. The awareness she brings to how we show up and lead at work and home was insightful like no other coaching. The application value of her services are immediate, evoking positive personal and professional growth, stronger relationships, and sheer joy. I am very grateful for the work Vered does but most importantly for the person she is. Thank you Vered.

- Kevin Traut

Having been a professional coach I was surprised to discover some past hurts that wanted my attention. Not only did my work with Vered eradicate the feelings of fear and confrontation that had been creating significant suffering in me, but I found the experience to be a pure joy. The adventure opened me up to the inner working of my own brain and how to detach harsh emotions. I had no idea this could be done or that it could happen so elegantly. My work with Vered created accelerated healing and freedom. Her gentle and generous expert guidance will be a highlight in my personal development journey for years to come. 

- Joelle Prochera

I have had the good fortune to work with a number of talented, insightful and committed coaches over several decades. None have been more impactful than Vered. Not only does she have deep expertise in a dizzying range of domains, but she has the rare ability to engender the trust needed to get the difficult work done. She does so by her exceptional capacity to listen and an abundant and clearly apparent empathy, caring and compassion. Although our work together recently concluded, and really didn't last that long, I'm still experiencing insights and benefits on a daily basis.

- Matthew Schoen

Working with Vered is life changing.

Her ability to communicate the science behind the different processes is fascinating and comforting at the same time. I have worked with Vered individually, as well as attending two different group sessions that she spoke at. The feedback from the group sessions was outstanding. My personal work with Vered was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.

The tools she provides to achieve goals or overcome obstacles are easy to implement and highly effective.

- Rebekah Hogan

Vered is a gifted coach. Her process for helping me identify what I wanted out of my career and future was enlightening, to say the least. She asked the tough questions and really made me think about what was important to me. I was able to transition to a completely different and new career with confidence and intention. Her knowledge and coaching style was instrumental in that process. I “easily” landed the perfect position and I know working with Vered made that possible.

- D. Wolden

It’s a joy to recommend Vered for the work that she does. She is an expert in her field. Her manner throughout our work together is characterized by genuine caring, and I have felt gently challenged and authentically supported at every step of the process. There have been moments when I’ve felt like I’m Vered’s only client, so focused has she been on my particular goals, learning and journey. Working with Vered has been transformative, and I can’t recommend her highly enough as a speaker, trainer and coach!

- M. Pelfini

Vered takes you and your particular circumstances seriously developing a personalized plan to achieve your goals. If you happen to not have a clear goal, she will guide you on how to define your career objectives. She has a holistic view that enables her to include every professional experience into a successful path towards specific goals.

I highly recommend working with her, and she is an amazing coach.

- L. Medina

Vered is a highly gifted professional coach. She listens skillfully, asks very insightful questions, and helps me access ideas and thoughts I either didn’t recognize or avoided for years. I highly recommend her as a great coach with both heart and head that helps clients achieve their goals.

- S. Clarke

Vered’s coaching is beyond words. But here are a few that will help me to describe my experience: Transformational, Exceptional, Empowering, Friendly, Delightful, Comforting. Vered’s kind, thoughtful, non-judgmental approach is just what I needed.

- J. Malone

Vered’s deep commitment to the craft of coaching is evident. Her right and left brain are integrated. She’s analytical and logical and also relationship oriented and value driven. Her commitment to hold true to the coaching models has helped me move out of stuck.

- C. Kadansky

Although Vered is known for helping people find the perfect job, she is also highly skilled in supporting those transitioning into retirement. Vered helped me navigate the process with an amazing amount of compassion and patience.

- K. Ramsey

Vered's style as a coach is unique as she is both a great listener but is not afraid to push the client to think outside of their comfort zone. IThe experience as a whole was rewarding from both career and personal development perspectives.

- D. Linder

I took part in Vered’s High Performance Group Coaching program. Vered is a masterful coach and facilitator. Her expertise in so many areas of personal and professional development and growth is ever-present.

- E. Wetzel

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