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Create a Healthy & Fulfilling Relationship

love & relationships May 16, 2022

For most of us, the relationships we have with our spouses or significant others are key parts of our lives – but often, the process of building and maintaining these romantic relationships comes with a variety of challenges, from trying to find the right partner to having arguments with one another to dealing with issues related to sex and intimacy.

Whether these challenges are rooted in trauma or other past experiences, it may be helpful to examine your relationship patterns and even consider working with a professional in order to create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. 

Alina Frank, our guest in Episode 94 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, has extensive insight into the dynamics behind common relationship problems from both her personal life and her work helping clients using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), as well as certifying relationship coaches using EFT. In addition to training, mentoring, and certifying hundreds of EFT practitioners through the EFT Tapping Training Institute™ -- which she founded with her husband, Dr. Craig Weiner – Alina is the best-selling author of How to Want Sex Again, and has been a contributing author of eight books on EFT.

In this episode, Alina shares her wisdom and guidance on how everyone can build the incredible relationships they deserve.


What’s a good starting place for those who find themselves in unhappy, unfulfilling relationships?

Alina says that the first step is to admit there’s a problem and begin to forgive yourself for decisions you’ve made throughout the relationship (including entering it in the first place). Once you’ve removed any guilt or shame surrounding these decisions, you can start to see more clearly and ask yourself questions such as: What are the true problems in the relationship? What is my part in them? Can I work on these issues together with my partner, or should they be addressed separately? 

Alina also emphasizes that sometimes, one of the most important steps in healing a relationship is to focus on your own role in the problems and how you can change any harmful behaviors. This could potentially spark positive change in your partner as well. However, other relationship problems are too multi-layered to effectively resolve on your own – if you are unsatisfied with the progress after going through a process of self-examination, it may be best to seek the help of an EFT practitioner or other professional who can help you face and overcome past traumas from a safe and protected place. 


What about people who are currently single and would like to find the right partner?

In addition to addressing steps that couples can take to heal and strengthen their relationships, Alina shares ideas for how those who are single might go about finding the right partner. For instance, she mentions that it’s important to examine the patterns that have surfaced in your previous relationships, and then simply focus on enjoying your life, loving yourself, following your intuition, and having faith that the universe will work its magic. It may also be beneficial to set intentions: clarify what your values are, how you want to be treated and how you want to feel in a relationship. 


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