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Do Your Beliefs Limit You?

career & business health & vitality Aug 04, 2022

I hope you are enjoying the summer so far!

If you've attended one of my trainings or seen my videos, I imagine you know that I am passionate about helping people transform their limiting beliefs. This is why I decided to feature this topic for the 100th episode of The MINDset Game® podcast!

Here's what I know to be true from my extensive training and work with hundreds of clients: when you deeply believe that you are capable and deserving of success, you are able to tap into your unlimited potential. This mindset motivates you to take massive action, which creates better outcomes, and ultimately reinforces your belief... and the cycle begins again – even stronger. 

To tap into this cycle of success, it's important to identify and shift your limiting beliefs. But where do your beliefs come from?

From the time we are very young children, we begin accumulating experiences that can shape us for years to come. When these experiences feel traumatic, we can develop extreme beliefs that become deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds – which, unfortunately, can manifest in a variety of mental, emotional, and even physical health problems later in life.

While several therapeutic modalities seek to address trauma, EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and matrix reimprinting work together to both resolve traumatic experiences and release the limiting beliefs that we formed in those events. Karl Dawson, our guest in Episode 100 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, discovered EFT after going through a difficult time in his life during which he struggled with various undiagnosed health issues, a divorce, and other challenges. After finding that EFT offered a powerful way to heal himself physically and emotionally, he became an EFT practitioner to help others experience the same benefits. In this episode, Karl provides an overview of EFT, matrix reimprinting, and how they can create transformative benefits in your life. 


What is the difference between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

Karl notes that EFT is highly effective for trauma resolution, while matrix reimprinting takes it one step further and enables you to change negative perceptions of a traumatic event. He explains that when you experience a trauma, the memory of it becomes stored in your subconscious mind along with the memory of everything that happened that day and the accompanying thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations. Then, when you have similar experiences at a later time, you will likely revisit the memory and energy of the trauma as your subconscious mind sends information back into your body via meridian lines, which are connected to vital organs. Through EFT tapping, you can revisit the memory of a traumatic event and essentially switch off the negative energy – thereby allowing you to look at the memory without feeling the pain associated with it.

Matrix reimprinting, on the other hand, takes you back in time to the moment when the traumatic event occurred and enables you to complete the moment in a positive way. For instance, if someone has a traumatic memory of their parent berating them as a young child, matrix reimprinting would bring them back to that moment and have them envision their parent expressing love instead. As Karl mentions, it’s not about denying that the event happened, it’s about completing the event in a positive way and therefore changing your perception of it. 


But what exactly does matrix reimprinting mean?

Simply put, the matrix is our universal consciousness. Imprinting refers to the fact that in the early years of our lives, we are in a super-learning state where we are constantly observing the world around us and picking up on others’ beliefs, habits, and mannerisms – some of which may be negative. This can lead to the development of unhealthy or unwanted patterns that will keep recurring throughout our lives. Matrix reimprinting locates these things in our subconscious minds and transforms the negative into positive, thereby allowing the old patterns to be released. 


What can you do to shift a limiting belief when you identify it? 

The next time you notice a limiting belief, such as "I can't do this" or "I've always been this way," ask yourself: Is this true? Or is it a limiting belief? Catch that thought and replace it with a more empowering positive belief. If you need additional support, consider reaching out to a trained practitioner. 


In his years of experience with EFT and matrix reimprinting, Karl Dawson has taught over 8,000 practitioners, holding trainings in 27 countries worldwide. He is the author of two best-selling books, the Director of the EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy (EFTMRA), and has presented at conferences alongside some of the most well-known people in the self-help industry.

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