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Heal Your Past with Time-Light Method

health & vitality mind & meaning May 02, 2022

Time is often referred to as a dimension: it’s believed that we move from the past to the present and into the future, leaving behind our life experiences and events as we go. However, have you ever felt that things that happened to you in the past are still having a major impact on you today? For instance, many people can link their current mental, emotional, and even physical health issues to traumatic experiences they had as children. 

This was the case for Bryan Hubbard, our guest in Episode 92 of The MINDSet Game® podcast. As a child, Bryan suffered severe emotional abuse that led him to develop low self-esteem and anger issues as an adult. When considering how his past experiences were still weighing him down, Bryan had a revelation: time is an energy rather than a dimension, and healing the past traumas that we still carry is the key to reaching our full potential. This insight led Bryan to develop the “Time-Light” method, a therapeutic approach designed to help people overcome past experiences that are holding them back. 


What is the Time-Light method?

The Time-Light method aims to return people to their natural state of timelessness. In this state, we have a great awareness of our thoughts and everything around us, feel deeply appreciative of the gift of life, and are open to creation. While we all exist in this state when we are very young children, we become disconnected from it as we grow up and begin to experience traumas. 

Bryan explains that one of the key differences between the Time-Light method and conventional therapy is that the latter regards the problem being treated as something separate from the patient – for instance, if you have anxiety, conventional therapy will aim to get rid of the anxiety. The Time-Light method, on the other hand, views both the person and the problem being treated as one and the same, helping the person work on their relationship with time rather than getting rid of a problem. 


The power of our thoughts and assumptions

Bryan says that while emotions are typically the first thing to arise in response to past experiences, our thoughts are also incredibly powerful. Your thoughts are your translation of the world, and will impact your current health and happiness, as well as your potential self. As a result, it’s important to carefully examine your thoughts and all the assumptions you have about your life and the world around you. Ask where those assumptions came from (Bryan says that our assumptions often come from trauma), and be on the lookout for stories you live by that may not actually be true.

With an extensive background as a journalist, editor, and publisher, Bryan is also the author of Time-Light and The Untrue Story of You. To learn more, visit, or tune into Episode 92 of The MINDSet Game® Podcast! 



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