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How Your Beliefs Affect Your Health

health & vitality mind & meaning Mar 09, 2022

Experiencing stressful or traumatic events is an inevitable part of life – but sometimes, our reactions to or perceptions of these events can trigger biological processes that result in physical illness. When this happens, changing these perceptions at the subconscious level may be a crucial step on the path to healing.

Dr. Duccio Locati, our guest in Episode 84 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, began his career in osteopathic medicine. However, he began to realize that standard medical treatments alone were not effective with all of his patients – in particular, those whose health conditions were tied to underlying emotional issues.

In search of more comprehensive methods of healing, Dr. Locati’s long-standing interest in the mind-body-spirit connection eventually led him to PSYCH-K®, a simple yet powerful process designed to transform self-limiting subconscious beliefs. As a Master Facilitator of PSYCH-K®, I use this set of techniques with my coaching clients and also for shifting my own negative beliefs because it offers a simple way to tap into the innate wisdom of the soul in order to manifest more positive results, including better physical health.


The link between subconscious beliefs and physical health  

Have you ever felt that a problem in your life was too big to digest, causing it to weigh on you until you felt physically ill?

Dr. Locati explains that situations like that can cause the body to respond in various ways that may result in serious health challenges. In reality, however, it’s not the problem that is causing the symptoms, but rather the individual’s perception of the problem. 

This may even be true in the case of genetic conditions that seem unavoidable. Genes can essentially be turned on or off based on different chemicals, hormones, and electrical signals, as well as frequencies – including those of subconscious beliefs. While someone with an open, healthy belief system may have a healthy epigenetic response, someone else with the same genes but a self-limiting belief system may develop a health condition. 

Whether an illness has genetic origins or another cause, Dr. Locati explains that working at the subconscious level to change an individual’s perceptions of traumatic or stressful events is essential for healing. 

Continuing his mission to help people achieve better health by transforming their subconscious beliefs and perceptions of life events, Dr. Locati is a Director of the PSYCH-K Centre International, Certified PSYCH-K Instructor, and Director of PSCYH-K’®s Health and Well-Being Program. To learn more about PSYCH-K®, visit

To hear more of Dr. Locati’s insights, tune into Episode 84 of The MINDSet Game!

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