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The Power of Sound

health & vitality Mar 29, 2022

Have you ever heard a piece of music, or even a sound such as falling rain, that instantly evoked a strong emotional state?

If so, you’re likely familiar with the power of music and sound, which are capable of penetrating our conscious thoughts and beliefs to unlock repressed emotions, enable us to access intuitive guidance, and bring about transformative healing. 

While music was always an important part of life for Mei-lan Maurits – our guest in Episode 91 of The MINDSet Game® podcast – she did not initially realize that it would be central to her higher calling. Now a world-renowned intuitive singer who is devoted to raising the frequency of our planet through sound healings, guided meditations, live singing, performances and courses,

Mei-lan discovered her talent for healing others with her music after years of struggling with significant anxiety and trauma. Her “a-ha” moment came during a conversation with a close friend, which led Mei-lan to realize that her own self-critical thought patterns and feelings of unworthiness were at the root of her struggles. Although it required a surge of mental and emotional power, Mei-lan began to shift her thought patterns by repeatedly telling herself, “I am worthy.” This transformation awakened Mei-lan to a deeper sense of purpose, and she began to experiment with music and singing as part of her healing journey.  

“Music is so powerful, because music is the language of the soul,” says Mei-lan. She explains that healing frequencies – which are essentially a type of sound wave therapy that induces a state of ease and harmony in the body – are commonly used in holistic and Eastern medicine to treat a wide array of mental, physical, and emotional ailments. Different frequencies of sound have different effects on the activity of the nervous system, and synchronizing to a healing frequency can have an overall holistic effect on the body. 


Understanding sound

According to an article published by Deepak Chopra, "One of the most amazing experiments on the power of sound was conducted by Doctor Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto, a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's Department of Humanities and Sciences and the author of the bestselling book Messages from Water, gained worldwide acclaim for his groundbreaking research and his discovery that water is affected by vibrational sound in some very surprising ways.

In his experiments, Dr. Emoto analyzed the formation of differently shaped crystals in water as it was exposed to different sounds in different forms. Part of his research included verbal affirmations, thoughts, music, and even prayers from a priest. He focused on verbal affirmations of love and gratitude as they were being directed toward water that was sitting in a Petri dish. He then analyzed the water under a microscope and took before and after pictures to document the change.

Dr. Emoto and his team observed that after the experiment very beautiful crystals had formed in some of the frozen water samples where the positive vibrational waves were directed. Dr. Emoto then exposed water samples to music from Mozart, Beethoven, and other classical composers and found that beautiful crystal shapes formed in these samples as well.

He also experimented with people saying things like “you fool,” “I will kill you,” and other unpleasant phrases using a harsh tone. Dr. Emoto found that ugly, incomplete, and malformed crystals were formed in the water samples exposed to these negative expressions and tones.

Dr. Emoto concluded that any sound is vibration, and vibrations such as music and other positive sounds including the human voice can be a form of healing energy. His research also showed that thoughts emit vibrations at frequencies we can’t yet precisely determine, and that they too have the power to heal."


The importance of quiet 

While music and sound can have incredible healing powers, Mei-lan also emphasizes the importance of taking time to quiet down the noise around you and create a space for stillness. In these moments of quiet, you can become open to your own intuitive guidance, pay attention to the stories you tell yourself and identify thought patterns that may need to be reprogrammed, and connect with your true calling. Mei-lan suggests that one way to do this is by simply focusing on your breathing: “When you connect to your breath, you connect to presence,” she says.


At the end of the episode, Mei-lan shares one of her beautiful, vibrationally powerful songs that can be used as part of a meditation. To learn more about Mei-lan, visit or tune into Episode 91 of The MINDSet Game!  

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