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Resolve Conflicts with the Agreement Frame

career & business leadership & impact Oct 26, 2020

Want to learn a proven technique that will help you communicate more effectively? 

It's called the Agreement Frame and it's an NLP tool that allows you to get your opinion across more easily. It helps release the other person's resistance to your perspective by genuinely validating their ideas or values, while at the same time offering them a new option to consider. Without resistance, there is no conflict, and everyone involved can feel congruent with the change. 

Here are the three phrases of the agreement frame:

•  "I respect… and…"

• " I appreciate… and…"

•  "I agree… and…" 

When you respond to different perspectives using one of these three phrases, you are able to build rapport and get in sync with others by acknowledging their perspective, rather than ignoring or negating it with words like "but" or "however." You get to redirect the conversation toward your point of view while validating the other person's model of the world. This can lead to greater connection, a more coherent environment, and greater access to innovative solutions. 

To learn more about how to use this tool, I invite you to read my latest Forbes article titled, "How To Communicate Effectively And Get More Of What You Want."

You are invited to listen to Episode 14 of The MINDset Game® podcast. You will learn a powerful technique to gain a more objective perspective of past events so that you can feel even more clear and congruent.


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