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The Basics of Meditation

health & vitality Apr 18, 2022

Have you ever tried to adopt a meditation practice, but found it difficult or frustrating to quiet your mind and tune out the distractions of the day?

If so, you’re not alone – many people struggle with the misconceptions that meditation is complicated or that they are not “good” at it. In reality, however, meditation can be a beautifully simple practice that anyone can incorporate into their daily life in order to access a wide array of benefits, ranging from greater energy, focus, and peace of mind to better physical health. 

With over 47 years of experience practicing dozens of different meditation techniques, Artie Isaac, our guest in Episode 89 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, has an in-depth understanding of how meditation can improve various aspects of our lives, as well as common challenges that people encounter when learning to meditate. In this episode, Artie shares his personal journey with meditation and discusses various techniques that anyone can use in order to harness the many benefits of this simple yet powerful practice. 


What is meditation?

Artie explains that while there are many different forms of meditation, it can broadly be defined as a skill or activity that “helps us build our talent for engaging in the present moment, for not letting the ego drive us into the regret of the past or the apprehension of the future, but rather, the bliss of this very moment.” In a noisy world, meditation serves as an “active withdrawal from the distractions and engagements of the day.” 


What if you struggle with being present and tuning out distractions?

Artie notes that while it may never be possible to fully quiet down our mental chatter, meditation is about developing a space between those thoughts and recognizing moments when we’re not focused on the chatter. If you notice distracting thoughts crop up while meditating, Artie suggests acknowledging the thought but choosing not to engage with it – just as you might watch a train go by, but choose not to get onboard. Then, return to your breathing or whatever the focus of your meditation is.


Different forms of meditation 

When considering the various different types of meditation, Artie says that there is a spectrum ranging from low-activity, lower-intention methods such as lying down (which he doesn’t necessarily recommend due to the risk of falling asleep) to walking meditations to Metta meditation, which focuses on compassion for yourself, others, and the world. He mentions that you can even meditate when on the go, such as when you’re waiting in line. Calling this method a “Starbucks standing meditation,” Artie suggests that if you find yourself waiting in line, simply focus on shifting a bit of weight back and forth from your right to left foot. 


Regardless of your chosen method, Artie emphasizes that meditation inherently has an altruistic component, because it enables you to be more present for the people around you and helps you to feel more refreshed so you can be of even greater service to the world.

In addition to his extensive experience with meditation, Artie is also a keynote speaker, executive coach, creativity trainer and more. To learn more, visit or tune into Episode 89 of The MINDset Game® podcast! 

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