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The Healing Benefits of Earthing

health & vitality Apr 25, 2022

Have you ever walked along a sandy beach or run through the grass barefoot and experienced the invigorating sensation of being in close physical contact with nature?

While you probably enjoyed the feeling of the ground against your feet, you might not have realized that this simple act of making contact with the earth can offer a variety of health benefits, including reduced pain and inflammation and a lower risk of autoimmune disease.

When Clint Ober, our guest in Episode 90 of The MINDSet Game® podcast, experienced significant health challenges in his early 50s that drove him to retire from his career in the cable TV industry, he embarked on a journey to heal his body and find a higher purpose in life. Recalling the many days of his childhood that he spent playing barefoot outside, Clint began to explore the connection between human health and our natural state of being grounded to the earth – which began to be disrupted around 1960, when the use of plastics in shoes, carpets, and other products became widespread.

His discoveries sparked a movement called grounding (or earthing), which has now gained countless followers worldwide who are choosing to shed their shoes and reconnect electrically to the surface of the earth. 


How does grounding work?

In this episode, Clint explains the science behind why grounding is so powerful. Essentially, our bodies are conductive, meaning that they will conduct an electric charge – including the negative surface charge of the earth. This negative charge helps our blood vessels and immune systems function properly. However, when our bodies do not come into contact with the earth, our charge becomes positive, thereby resulting in abnormal immune function, chronic inflammation, and a myriad number of associated health problems. 

Clint has worked with researchers to publish several studies that confirm the efficacy of grounding. For instance, one study was conducted on 28 premature babies who had been placed in incubators. These incubators were full of static electricity, which caused the babies’ bodies to become positively charged, thereby contributing to excess cortisol production and high stress. However, when patches were placed on the babies to create a grounding effect, they instantly became calmer and heart rate variability was drastically improved. 


How to practice grounding

One of the greatest benefits of grounding is that it is incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily life. Clint suggests taking at least 30 minutes each day to go outside and put your feet on the earth, whether you are walking or just sitting. By doing so, you will probably notice that you’ll feel calmer, sleep better, and begin to notice that you’re experiencing less pain and improved health. 

In addition, there are various products available to help you practice grounding even when you’re indoors. For instance, you can purchase wearable patches, carbon pillow covers, and carbon mats to place on your mattress, enabling you to harness the healing powers of grounding each night while you sleep. 

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